Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Update Me! Please!

Ok, I'm going to break with tradition and do a post that has diddle to do with writing or getting published. I'm just going to update you on a few things.

First, Crazy Stalker Woman is still stalking me. Here's part of her latest contact with me.

... another trip down memory lane, lets see...

There were rumors you slept with your high school speech teacher (true or false)
Moe and Joe (the dogs not the singers)
Carl Sandburg poetry read on the phone in the middle of the night.

Congratulations on the book, that is really wonderful!!

I really don't know how to sign this, Stalker is a terrible word and Crazy, well that brings up images of straight jackets and not so appealing drugs, so let me just say talk to you soon, and by the way I
have been cursed with a very good memory.

Don't be afraid.

I'm not afraid. Really. But Carl Sandberg? Boy, was I full of shit or what? Afraid? No. I'm embarrassed. Not about the speech teacher thing, though. That was a cool rumor then, and it's still a cool rumor, and she was pretty hot... skin as soft as warm butter...

Where was I? Oh, yeah...

Anna McGinty has changed addresses. I'll update her link someday. Until then, read her here.

I finally have proof that blogs can sell books. I've been a bit of a doubting Thomas on this one. It's easy to find readers who are writers, but readers who are readers, not so much. Dawn, over at NVNC ID VIDES, NVNC NE VIDES has turned me on to a lot of things, latest of which is Neil Gaiman. I know he's probably a literary god to many of you, but honestly, I never heard of him until I read his blog. Now I'm reading Anansi Boys. It's a good read (actually, I'm listening to the audiobook, and it's a good listen). Thanks Dawno.

Lisa Coutant tagged me for a meme. I've only done one meme, and didn't do it here (that whole thing about keeping the blog pure, its message on target... this is about writing, etc... to which I now say, "Bah. Humbug.")

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
1. Not a clue. I really have had a full life. I've done almost everything I ever wanted to do. I'd like to do some of them again (think Henry Miller, and save me the indiscreet details), but things I've missed that I really want to do?

  1. Okay... hold a grandbaby. My own grandbaby. I could do that.
  2. Learn to play the piano.
  3. Same with the guitar.
  4. Come out of a courtroom feeling like a winner. 'Nuf said.
  5. Get a jacket blurb from Pat Conroy.
  6. Become a bonifide curmudgeon. I'm already in training.
  7. Play Mercutio on the stage. It's never going to happen, but hey, this is where we are supposed to dream, isn't it?

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

  1. Pretend I believe in the existence of justice.
  2. Ignore ignorance.
  3. Hide behind a cliche.
  4. Put my leg behind my neck.
  5. Not notice a woman's ass. Sorry. That does NOT mean I don't respect your intelligence or your authority or your abilities, but I'm a human animal, male, and I have a biological imperative to propagate the species. Your ass constantly reminds me of my responsibility to the gene pool.
  6. paint or draw anything better than stick figures.
  7. Pick up strangers in a bar.

Seven Things I Say (or write!) Most Often:

  1. almost
  2. very
  3. just
  4. that
  5. I
  6. ...
  7. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Seven Books (or series) I Love:

  1. Beau Geste
  2. Wheel of Time series
  3. Le Morte D'Arthur
  4. Rabbit Run
  5. Cidar House Rules
  6. Memnoch the Devil
  7. The Great Santini

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:

  1. Magnificent Seven
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. Babe
  4. Top Gun
  5. Phenomenon
  6. Michael
  7. Signs

Yeah, I cheated and left out two categories. Hey, its my room and they're my toys, so I get to make the rules. Deal with it.

I'm only going to tag one person. Dawno, who has always been nothing but nice to me, for no good reason.

If you tag yourself, let me know. I'd like to see everyone's answers.

Mark Pettus,
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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at 12:17 AM Blogger Dawno said...

Wow, mentioned twice in one post. For that, I'll happily do another meme this week. Do me a favor, would you? Drop into the blogging forum and post your blog info in the AW Blogs thread.

I'm also happy to hear you're listening to Anansi Boys and liking it. It doesn't suffer from one not having read American Gods because it doesn't need any of the references from that book - but you might enjoy that one too. And Neil's journal - amazing he finds the time to do all he does and have what reads like a wonderful home life.

Oh, back to the meme, you mention that you left out two categories - do I need to go dig them up and do them or am I off the hook, too?

Finally, I do have a good reason to be nice to you. But I'm not sayin' >;-)

at 12:32 AM Blogger Caryn said...

I'm so nosy; I find this whole stalker thing rather fascinating. I bet she's having a lot of fun with it. And from what you've posted, she doesn't sound threatening. I hope she's a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the link, by the way! Setting up the new site was a pain, but well worth it. If you ever decide to move off Blogger, you'd be the perfect candidate for Last Promise. I bet they'd vote you in no problem. Nice lists of seven, too. Fun to read. I love The Princess Bride. The book's even better than the movie, though. HIGHLY recommend it. (But skip the intro, unless you're into drudgery. I know, I know. Some people like it. But, ugh! I'm not one of them.)

at 10:48 AM Blogger anne frasier said...

mentioning top gun as a movie you can watch again and again just might take care of your stalker problem. ;)

at 3:52 PM Blogger Dawno said...

meme done. go read. bye now.

at 5:40 PM Blogger Jeff said...

"Your ass constantly reminds me of my responsibility to the gene pool."

mark- Just wait till your Crazy Stalker Woman reads THIS mushy romance line! Don't throw gas on a fire, partner. hehe

at 10:23 PM Blogger Mark Pettus said...

Dawno, I'll let you go look for the other two if you really want to add them to yours.

Look at Lisa's Meme

Anna, Until a few months ago, I had no idea it was a book. I actually have read the prologue (while standing between the rows in the library).

Anne, You've lost that loving feeling. You never close your eyes ...

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Jeff, wait 'til she reads my essay about women with tattoos, "Tits for Tats."

Seriously... sometimes we sensitive male types don't want to admit that we also spit and fart and wolf-whistle. We only whistle from inside our cars with the windows all rolled up tight, only fart in private, and only spit when we think no one is looking, all of which have more to do with social skills than sainthood.

Being sexual doesn't make a woman weak, or a man a neanderathal, and I think it's time for me to stake out the low ground on the issue.

at 10:57 PM Blogger Dawno said...

Thank you for posting your blog on the thread at AW. Please forgive me for thinking you hadn't. I plead senility.

at 12:59 AM Blogger glenn ward said...

Hey Mark,

While looking for personal sites on successes/frustrations with publishing, I came across your blog. Being the, oh maybe 20th, I'd been to, I was about to click to another page--but the more I read, the more I wanted to read. Like the 4-H pin, I'm hooked.

Just wanted to let you know, in case you didn't already, you're a good writer.

I wish the best for you and hope Transit Gloria gets published ASAP!


glenn (who also dreamed of being J.K. Rowling as a kid) at:

at 8:28 AM Blogger Mark Pettus said...

"Like the 4-H pin, I'm hooked."

I'm humbled. Thank you, Glen.

What a great thing to start my day with.

at 12:17 PM Blogger Lisa Coutant said...

What's up with this stalker stuff? How did this begin? Is she someone who emails you and somehow remains anonymous.

Very strange.

Maybe she's attractive and just having a ton of fun messing with you.

I know I do. :)

at 8:13 PM Blogger Dennie McDonald said...

glad to see a new post - is it wrong to say I want a stalker, too?!?!

No one remembers me. At my high school reunion, two guys I dated had no clue who I was - even the freaking registrare (sp) who sat next to me in three years of English - yeah i left a BIG empression - didn't know me, didn't have my name tag - sheesh

Sorry - have a cold - feeling low - don't mind me

at 9:43 AM Blogger Spicy Cauldron said...

So many things but one thing in particular to comment on for me... Memnoch the Devil. Ambitious book but one I find profoundly interesting compared to Anne Rice's more recent output which usually has me falling asleep within four paragraphs, which is a real shame.

Just dropping by to wish you every blessing for the Yuletide season, and every good wish for a happy and fulfilling new year! x

at 2:03 PM Blogger serenity said...

The Princess Bride is a book?

Where the %$#@ have I been?

at 9:13 PM Blogger Mark Pettus said...

Lisa, I sense a bit of the stalker gene in you. I kinda like that about you.

Dennie, I'm not sure who remembers me. I did a lot of drugs in high school, my memory isn't as good as Crazy Stalker Woman's. You see, I'm not sute if the woman I read poetry to was on my list under, "Gee, I'd sure love to see her again," or under "Jeez, I hope I never see her again." Do you have to throw away your lists after so many years?

Spicy, my pagan friend, I loved Memnoch. Rice took some brave journeys, and that was one of her bravest. I look forward to reading Christ...out of Egypt. I hope she did justice to her subject.

Serenity, MY EXACT THOUGHTS, a few months ago when I discovered the book. Who knew?

at 10:46 PM Blogger S. W. Vaughn said...

Stop saying that!

Sorry... had to put that in. The Princess Bride -- I knew there was another movie I forgot to add in my little favorites file!

Have a happy holiday, Mark...


at 9:56 AM Blogger Mark Pettus said...


at 1:42 PM Blogger Amie Stuart said...

Awwwwwwwww you'd watch babe over and over again? that's so sweet! (please don't hit me)

On the subject of asses and bodily functions, I remember, not so long ago my son's saying they didn't think girls farted. Frankly, men ogle, women ogle. get over it.

*tapping foot and waiting impatiently for tattoo diatribe*

at 6:23 PM Blogger Mark Pettus said...

If I had words to make a day for you,
I'd sing you a morning...

How can you not love a movie where a man sings a lullaby to a pig?

Tattoo diatribe? I feel like a transfer student on his first day in latin class... everyone else seems to know what's going on, why don't I?

at 11:51 PM Blogger Amie Stuart said...

You mentioned women and tattoos--when are you going to elaborate?

Babe is a sweet movie!

at 6:57 PM Blogger Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Letting you know I loved your list and I took you up on the tag...finally!

at 7:35 AM Blogger Michele said...

Good Morning! (7:28AM here)

You got tagged, hmmmm? I did awhile ago ..2 weeks I think.
Fun tag.
LOL! I'm SO glad to see that I'm not the only one addicted to " ....."'s .

I'm also amazed as to how many not only listed The Princess Bride but can quote from it!
Mine is" Have fun storming the castle!" or Paraphrase..."He's not dead, just mostly dead."
The statement,of course, being inconcievable! *wink*

The Mag. 7 was awesome, but do you mean the original or the remake?

And I'll forgive you for liking Top Gun. Since you're a guy, I suspect that you're not using Tom Cruise as the deciding factoring.
Thank goodness.

Interesting about the secret admirer ....why else would she write?

at 4:46 PM Blogger Spicy Cauldron said...

How's it going with the stalker? You got to the point where you have to feed and water it to keep it going, or does it kind of run on batteries or solar power?

I once had an online stalker. Some American guy from Mississippi years ago. He mailbombed my inbox with large files when I told him to stop sending me really horrible and unrequested pictures. Say no more but I wish I'd never been exposed to them. I forwarded them to the FBI at the time - this was, oh, ten years ago - and they called me when I was living in London to take some details. So for all I know the nasty guy got busted! I suspect he did... the pics were deeply disturbing. I don't know what was more disturbing at the time: the fact that he sent them, or the idea he had that I might ever have been remotely interested in seeing them! That upset me more than anything. After all, I'd met him online in a sci-fi forum... absolutely nothing dodgy whatsoever...

Years later, though, I turned the experience to good use. I got the idea to write an article for a UK magazine about net stalkers, remembering my experience. The editors loved it but it did mean I had to research and find more people it had happened to... and there are many out there... x


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