Saturday, November 19, 2005

I am not the editor of a newspaper...

"I am not the editor of a newspaper and shall always try to do right and be good, so that God will not make me one."
-Mark Twain

I've always been a Twain fan. No matter what you need a one-liner for, he has one to fit the bill.

I took the job. I told the new paper that I would take the job. I told my current paper that I took the job. We all agreed I would start the job in December, giving my current paper the opportunity to replace me. But...

The editor I'm replacing at the new paper is already gone. So guess what I'm doing? Yep. Double your flavor, double your fun. Two. Two. Two jobs are better than one. I work all day at one paper then go over the river and through the woods... to attend a school board meeting for the other paper, or to try to figure out what this year's version of the Cabbage Patch Doll or Tickle Me Elmo is (apparently there isn't a must-have toy this year).

On top of the long hours and long drives, my new office doesn't have a window, and there's nothing like a windowless office to keep you confused about that whole am/pm thing, especially if it's dark when you get in, and dark when you leave. I'll be glad when December gets here. I do get Thanksgiving off (and I am thankful, I really am), but other than the day after Thanksgiving, I'll be sacrificing all of my accrued vacation when I leave -- no cashing-in allowed. Dedicated employees who don't use all their time off... should quit bitching, nobody forced them to change jobs right before the end of the year... but GRRRR!

Transit Gloria is still in a holding pattern. Two agents have partials, and I've decided to wait until I hear from them before I send out another batch of queries. I'm running full speed right now, and until I find a comfortable groove at the new paper I don't want to juggle more than I already am. On the Bluff is actually On the Back Burner. I'm finding it hard to get enthused about the story until I make more progress on Transit Gloria. People who say they would write even if they knew no one would ever read their work... probably don't have two jobs. I need a reason to keep writing books, and the reason I'm looking for is this: because my agent says I should.

First, I need an agent.

In case it isn't obvious -- I'm tired.

Mark Pettus,
Saturday, November 19, 2005

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at 12:58 AM Blogger Jeff said...

mark- In your spare time would you mind taking a look at a couple of short stories I've written, give me your opinion and maybe do a little editing for me?
Just kidding. Get some sleep,man. :)

at 3:33 AM Blogger Bernita said...

Candle. Both ends.
Don't let your light go out.
Sleep, then Dreams.
Take care.
We'll wait.

at 10:27 AM Blogger Dennie McDonald said...

Sounds awful - and somehow I am sure there will be a silver lining somewhere. (listen to me, waxing thoughtful!)

Make the most of your down time when you get it - REST!

Happy Holidays!

at 12:36 PM Blogger Caryn said...

I hope things slow down some for you soon, and that you don't get too frazzled. And good luck on those two partials, too.

at 1:00 PM Blogger Mark Pettus said...

Thanks for the kind words. I feel so frustrated by the seeming lack of progress. I refuse to surrender and put Transit Gloria on a back shelf, but the process isn't designed for a make-it-happen guy. It's a wait for it to happen program, and it's making me nuts.

at 2:42 PM Blogger Joanne D. Kiggins said...

You sound like me way back when! Keep on keeping on, and remember to take care of yourself. Congratulations again on your new job!

at 5:41 PM Blogger serenity said...

I know exactly the feeling. I do, I do. This is where those who don't know any better would say, "Don't let it get to you." In lieu of that, I'll only commisserate.

RYN: If I remember correctly, the terms of King's retirement were something along the lines of, "If I happen to write something I feel deserves to be published, I'll publish it. If not, I won't."

At present, 2006 brings two new novels, and another is in the works for 2007. I think it's a case of "old dog" syndrome.

at 9:45 PM Blogger Ray Wong said...

It is tough to be working full (and two job!) and writing at the same time, not to mention trying to market your book, etc. Hang in there. I know you would prevail. Soon the sweet taste of success would be on your tongue, and you could blog all about it.



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