Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hey brother, can you spare a...

few dollars to help out folks who were affected by the hurricanes?

My short story “Merry Christmas, Panama 1989” is among the works chosen for Stories of Strength, a 333-page anthology created to help the vicims of this year's hurricanes. I've experienced the tremendous power of Mother Nature, and know how powerless she made me feel. Stories of Strength gave me a chance to use writing as a way to help the survivors of Katrina, Rita, Wilma and whatever we name the next deadly storm. 100 percent of the proceeds from Stories of Strength will go to disaster relief charities, including the Red Cross, Americares, and the Salvation Army. For those of you from Oklahoma, that means we're givin 'em all of the money, even the pennies.

Please consider giving us a hand. Buy a copy and give it to someone you know who needs a little extra strength. The holidays are around the corner, and this book will make a great gift. If you review books, I'd love to send you a pdf version of Stories of Strength. Review copies of the bound book are available, but in limited quantities, so I am buying the review copies I send out. I'd be happy to send you one if you have enough audience to make it worthwhile. Hey, it's for charity, why not buy a copy for yourself. The remainder of this post comes directly from our official press release.

Headed by Jenna Glatzer, author of acclaimed Celine Dion biography For Keeps, this project attracted contributions from many well-known writers, including a story and an original hymn by award-winning science fiction novelist Orson Scott Card, an essay by famed actor Wil Wheaton (Star Trek, Stand By Me), and a short story from Christian romance author Robin Lee Hatcher.With more than 100 pieces from writers all over the world, and the gracious efforts of prominent editors and graphic designers, Stories of Strength is a tribute to the human spirit: celebrating true stories of courage and endurance in challenging situations that range from the death of a child to living through natural disasters, to smaller-scale trials, like dealing with returning an overdue book to the local Library Troll.

Alternating between tear-jerking and humorous, Stories of Strength is guaranteed to inspire and remind readers that the human spirit knows no boundaries. “Many people have said they plan to order copies for everyone on their holiday list,” says Jenna Glatzer. “What a fantastic way to give a present that also helps people rebuild their lives.” The writers hope to turn their words into sizeable long-term contributions to disaster relief charities.

In addition to the writers’ donations, publishing company Lulu ( is generously donating its profits from the project. Lulu will also donate several media review copies.Most writers are available for interviews, readings, and book signings. Ordering details are at The book will be available direct from Lulu on November 1, 2005, and available to order from bookstores worldwide soon thereafter.

Book details:
Stories of Strength
Editor/Publisher: Jenna Glatzer
Publishing services provided by Lulu
ISBN: 1-4116-5503-6
Release date: November 1, 2005
333 pagesPrice: $15.95
Contact: Mark Pettus

Mark Pettus,
Sunday, October 30, 2005

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at 1:30 PM Blogger Kelly Parra said...

What a great project and cause to be part of, Mark! Good for you, and the other list of contributors. =)

at 1:59 PM Blogger Dennie McDonald said...

Sounds great - I know just the person to gift it too!

at 7:58 PM Blogger Caryn said...

That sounds like a great cause. Congratulations on being included, too.

at 6:32 PM Blogger S. W. Vaughn said...

Dear Mark,

Damn, you're good. Never mind the fight. Glad to hear you're a helicopter...

And may I offer you a HUGE congrats on getting your story into Stories of Strength. I'd been hearing a lot about the anthology and it's wonderful that you contributed. Since you visited my blog, I'll buy a copy. :-)

Keep writing, and try to leave your anal orifices intact. Ah, daily deadlines...and I have trouble meeting the bi-weekly ones! You're a brave soul.

Peace out,

at 7:33 PM Blogger Amie Stuart said...

Someone's gettin' this for christmas =)

at 9:21 PM Blogger serenity said...

Are you sure that penis didn't belong to you? This is the Internet age--it could be anyone's.


I wanted to contribute to Stories of Strength, but I didn't find out about it until the day before deadline. Damn. Guess I'll just have to buy it.

at 4:43 PM Anonymous mortgage broker said...

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at 3:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

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at 1:50 PM Blogger Erik Mann said...

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